Installing Node.js and CoffeeScript

This tutorial is intended to provide a simple walk through on installing Node.js and CoffeeScript. Pre-reqs ∞ Install Git # RHEL/CentOS sudo yum install git # Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get install git Node.js ∞ Clone the node.js git repo git clone Compile and install cd node && ./configure && make && sudo make install CoffeeScript […]

Mercurial/Trac Changeset Hook

Below is a Mecurial changegroup hook to modify tickets on a remote Trac instance using XML-RPC. To useit, place the following in your hgrc (make necessary changes in [trac-hook] section). File: repo/.hg/hgrc [extensions] trac_hg_hook = /path/to/ [hooks] changegroup.sync = python:trac_hg_hook.hook [trac-hook] trac_root = /var/lib/trac api_url = https://trac_user:[email protected]/xmlrpc repo_name = test python_eggs = ‘/var/www/.python-eggs/’ The hook […]

Reorder all fields in Trac

We decided to add a business justification field to our Trac instance today, but needed to put it directly below the description field so that it was in a more logical position for the users. It is not possible to intermingle custom ticket fields with standard ones (from within Trac), so editing the ticket template […]